Top 10 tips for wedding planning in quarantine 2020

Written by Urabana Weddings
Yes, we have all been quarantined at home due to COVID-19 concerns and life has come to a halt, it’s getting monotonous.
But your wedding planning should not be paused by this pandemic! You may have got your wedding canceled, postponed or it may have already been planned for late 2020 or even 2021. We suggest you make the most of the free time you have now.
And why not? Don’t get disheartened by the situation and get moving with your wedding plans! Rather take it as an opportunity to plan your Big Day with detailed attention and preparation.
Take enough advantage of your stay-at-home time.
Here we have some tips for your wedding planning which you can follow from the comfort and safety of your home:
  • Research and Research…
  • Schedule virtual meetings with wedding planners
  • Select your Wedding Outfit
  • Get in Shape
  • Work on Guest Lists
  • Design your D-Day
  • Create a Playlist for different ceremonies
  • Plan Gifts for guests 
  • Do some DIY Stuff
  • Choose attire for the bridesmaid and groomsmen

Let us understand them well for you to plan the best of your wedding.

Tips for wedding planning in quarantine 2020

1) Research and Research… 

Binge on those digital wedding magazines. You can stay updated with the trends and styles in most of them. Besides, follow the wedding industry experts on social media. Social platforms have become virtual magazines for most of the people into this industry.

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There are plenty of wedding planning apps available as well to assist you in the planning process.

If these do not help you in the ways you might need help, search, and explore the real weddings that have been planned by professionals. You will get realistic ideas and better insight into the wedding world.

2) Schedule virtual meetings with wedding planners

virtual meeting with wedding planner

Everyone related to the wedding business is also stuck in quarantine as you are. Some of the photographers, videographers, florists, or wedding planners are providing online services for people planning their weddings like you. So, if you are all set to finalize the planner for your dream wedding, take advantage of the technology!

3) Select your Wedding Outfit

wedding outfits

Yes! Time for some shopping. The virtual window shopping, of course. Go through the different blogs, social profiles, or retail websites and pick the outfit of your dreams. The Indian wedding especially demands a variety of outfits ready to adorn at different weddings. Get moving and plan out your wardrobe for yourself.

Also, do not forget your groom darling! Give him your suggestions for his wedding outfit as well. No wonder wedding is a very special day for a bride but values nothing if it’s all only about the bride. the bridegroom has an equal role to play.

4) Indulge in self-care 


Already finished with the quarantine food snack-stock? Well, most of us are!

With gyms being closed, you have plenty of time to yourself. Make your workout a part of your daily routine. Search some good YouTube channels for workout sessions or you may even continue with your previous exercise plan.

Wear that face mask and pamper your body and soul with the best of skin and hair care tips and healthy food. Nourish your soul with adequate meditation and positive thoughts.


5) Work on Guest Lists

Make all the decisions regarding the guests to be invited to your wedding. Discuss with your families and prepare the list of who will be there at your wedding.

Count the number of guests and plan the other important things about your wedding accordingly. It can be the seating arrangement or anything related to guests.

6) Design your D-Day

Go through all the logistics and aesthetics of your wedding. Outline the decoration ideas and details like the colours, themes, and props you want to go with on your wedding. Imagine every tiny thing you ever wanted to have on your special day.

Set out a budget and manage everything to be inside that range.

Pro tip – do keep an emergency fund ready till the final date.

Plan the games, dance performances, and any special experiences you want for your loved ones present at your wedding.

Like seriously, now you have plenty of time to work on the sentimental details for your wedding.

7) Create a Playlist for different ceremonies


Music has the power to convert your wedding to a fairy-tale wedding instantly by touching the right emotional chord.

Discuss with your partner and friends and create song playlists to play at your wedding. Just to go the extra mile ahead, create two playlists – one with the songs to play and the other with the songs not to play!

Go through the various wedding playlists and see what catches your attention. You may go all traditional and authentic with folks or play their urban revised remakes.

Yes, go ahead and pick the perfect song for your first dance together.

8) Plan Gifts for guests

As we talked about adding a sentimental touch to your wedding. You can do it at different levels. If we consider it, the guests at your wedding are the emotional touch you have on your special day. There’s no fun to do anything special without the blessings and love of your family, relatives, and friends.

Plan unique gifts or experiences for your guests. Add some personal touches to the gifts. It would make them feel special and important.

9) Do some DIY Stuff


Did you get stuck on some Pinterest ideas on the internet which you loved but didn’t know how and when to practice them? Well, now you have plenty of time all to yourself. Order your supplies online or utilize what you got, and get busy!

If you are going to have a small intimate function at your home as a wedding ritual, it would be satisfying if you handle the decor or some other department yourself with those DIY ideas.

10) The bridesmaids and the groomsmen


Who does not want to have a bridesmaid and groomsmen squad all set to make your wedding even more entertaining and lively?

Design their looks, choose attire for them, plan their dance performances, and everything you would want your close ones to do at your Big Day. Otherwise, you can take their help to plan the things out and make them happen at all costs.

How did you like the tips for wedding planning?

Not being able to leave your house may not be an ideal situation, but make the best of it by utilizing your free time to keep you optimistically moving towards your dream wedding.

To get a better insight into the planning process, we can help you out! Make a call at +66 87 918 5487.

Good luck, stay home and stay safe!