Wedding Decoration Checklist for the Perfectly Styled Wedding

Written by Urabana Weddings

Wedding Decoration –Emblazoning Priceless Emotions

A Wedding is a saga of mixed emotions. Every wedding is abundantly filled with sacred mantras, showers of blessings, lifetime promises, toasts of celebrations, beats of music and hits on the dance floor. A good wedding planner perfectly plans the wedding decorations to showcase all the emotions with style and glamour.

A Wedding Decoration Checklist

A number of rituals are performed before and on the day of the wedding. It is really important to have a wedding decoration checklist so that you do not skip anything while planning a wedding decoration. The theme of the wedding, colour scheme, flowers, lights, wedding seating, centre-pieces, wedding props and arches, tableware and many other detailings set the flavour of the wedding. Urbana Weddings is sharing its valuable experience in the form of a ready checklist to refer while planning wedding decorations.

  • The Theme of the wedding

The theme of the wedding builds the base for the decoration framework. Colours, lighting, seating and all the items you will use for accessorizing the wedding should be in sync with your wedding theme. For example, if your wedding theme is classic, you cannot use bold colours, bright lighting and funky accessories.

  • Colour Scheme

Colours play with our mood and emotions, so the colour scheme should be chosen carefully. Each colour has its significance but the vibrancy of all the colours that you use in different areas like the Entry Gate, Dance Floor, Mandap, Wedding Seating etc. should accentuate your wedding theme. You should be careful while choosing the colours of drapes, flowers, lighting, tableware etc.

  • Floral Arrangements

Flowers are one of the most noticeable items of wedding decorations, so one should be very careful while choosing the type and colours of flowers. Do not choose what you like, choose what will look best with your wedding theme. Flowers are an expression of love so choose accordingly but do not clutter the venue. Alluring floral chandeliers and waves are in trend.

  • Lighting

The lighting plays the role of directing our attention. Intelligent use of lights can turn even the average location into an alluring venue. A good wedding planner knows well how to play with lights, to add grandeur to the venue. Lights are used to create drama, highlight corners, accentuate the wedding theme, and limelight the wedding couple. Chandeliers, hanging strings, twinkling drops along with candles and diyas are a few good options to accessorize the venue.

  • Entry Gate, Stage, and Mandap

Every wedding couple wishes to see the wedding venue as the replica of royal grandeur. Entry gate, stage and Mandap are the most important areas of the wedding venue which you cannot afford to ignore. Entry gate does not only serve as the entry point but also creates the first impression of your wedding site. Similarly, the stage is the centre of attention of every wedding venue. This is the place where the most important moments of the bride and groom are captured either as a couple or with guests. Hence, the decoration and lights should be chosen carefully. The Mandap is the most traditional area where holy mantras are enchanted while tying the sacred knot. So, it should be decorated with the feel and touch of culture.

  • Wedding Seating and Signage

A guest’s comfort is the foremost thing to consider. A good wedding seating also includes ample signage to assist guests at the venue. Wedding seating should be perfectly spaced and arranged. And decorative signage with impressive quotation suited to that area makes the venue more impressive. A good wedding planner steals every chance to embellish the wedding site and enhance its distinctive style.

Tips to Protect the Allure of a Wedding

  • There should not be any loose ends of carpets.
  • Avoid using thermocol decorations especially around the fire.
  • Do not keep anything combustible at the venue.
  • Drapes used in decoration should be fresh every time.
  • Candles should be placed away from the reach of kids.
  • Always prefer fresh flowers over fake flowers.
  • Safety equipment should be readily available on the wedding site.
  • No place of venue should too cluttered.
  • Never overdo the stage with decoration.
  • Electric wires should be handled with great care.
  • The wedding is the most vital day in the real existence of individual. to make your wedding progressively noteworthy Urbana wedding-Thailand wedding organizers have group of experts to make plans like wedding picture takers, wedding videography and Pre-wedding photoshot.

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