Top 9 reasons why you should plan destination wedding in Thailand

Written by Urabana Weddings

Just an idea of a destination wedding brings beautiful thoughts of a romantic escape, adventurous holiday, entertaining days and intimate wedding ceremonies. Needless to say, destination wedding in Thailand would add an alluring spark to the celebration of the union of two sacred souls.

Once you make your mind for a destination wedding, the very next thing that comes to the mind is choosing the best location. Being in Thailand for many past years, we can say that Thailand is not only an exotic holiday spot but also one of the most preferred locations for a destination wedding.

Urbana Weddings and events are professional wedding planners in Thailand, we consider ourselves in a position to give you some tips on finalizing the location.

Nine top reasons for choosing Thailand as your wedding destination.

1. Amazing Natural Beauty

Perfect tropical islands, white sandy beaches, lodges in green lush forests and beautiful botanical gardens enrich this country with exotic natural beauty. The charming beauty of Thailand makes it a perfect spot for a destination wedding.

destination wedding Thailand


2. Delicious Thai Food

Thai food is relished by all for its aromatic flavors, colorful appearance and healthy recipes. It holds a special mention in every wedding menu. Authentic Thai dishes are the perfect blend of salty, sweet, sour, and spicy flavors. One of the tempting and healthy cuisines of the world cannot be better enjoyed anywhere than in Thailand.

destination wedding Thailand

3. Best Hospitality 

Thailand is famous for its best hospitality. Thai Professionals in the hospitality industry are the perfect example in the entire world for their service and courtesy. Urbana Wedding and Events are renowned wedding planners in Thailand who takes care of every detail of hospitality at the wedding celebration to make it the best. Our team makes everything easy going for their guest. Grand destination weddings don’t just happen; these are the outcome of the vision and a lot of hard work.

destination wedding Thailand

4. Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are getting popular due to its blissful expanded venue and natural ambiance. Thailand, a country of beautiful islands offers various options for perfect beach weddings. Exchanging of wedding vows on the beautiful white sandy beach enchanted with sea waves and breath of wind is as exquisite as heaven. Hence, think of planning a beach destination wedding in Thailand.

destination wedding

5. Interesting Local Culture and traditions

Vibrant local culture and traditions of Thailand are really interesting and appealing and add spark to the wedding celebration. Thai customs are heartwarming and the blessing of Buddhist Monks at the time of the wedding brings divinity to the marriage.

destination wedding thailand

6. Local Flowers

Floral decoration is trending and turns wedding venue into a fragrant and visual delight. But yes, of course, fresh flowers are expensive and raise the budget for wedding decoration. Thailand is a great exporter of beautiful flowers. A beautiful spread of flowers is everywhere in Thailand which adds to its charm. Fresh flowers are not expensive in Thailand and you can even choose the beautiful garden for your wedding feast. You won’t regret conducting a destination wedding in Thailand.

destination wedding thailand

7. Thai Lanterns

Lanterns are not only a beautiful decoration accessory in Thailand but hold a special status in Thai culture. The offering of lighted lanterns symbolizes blessed guidance for the right path. Flying away lanterns in the sky symbolizes the act of getting rid of misfortune.

destination wedding thailand

8. Great Holiday Destination

Thailand has many things to offers to your guests. Beautiful locations, amazing beaches, vibrant local market, happening nightlife, Thai food, relaxing spa and massage centers and Buddhist monasteries make it a great holiday destination. Your memorable wedding will also be the most cherished memory for your guests. Make your destination wedding fantasy turn to reality with us.

destination wedding in thailand

 9. Best International destination 

Thailand inhibits more than what any other exotic international location can offer you for a destination wedding. Minimal visa formality, few hours flight travel, friendly natives, internationally acclaimed resorts, best wedding planners and budgeted pricing make Thailand the best location for a destination wedding.

destination wedding

Urbana Weddings and events have been well-rooted destination wedding planners in Thailand for many years and have successfully hosted numerous weddings at different locations in Thailand.