9 Reasons for Hiring a Wedding Planner for Destination Wedding

Written by Urabana Weddings

Wedding Planner for Destination Wedding is the most price possession on your Big Day. A destination wedding at a favorite location becomes the most beautiful memory to cherish for a lifetime for the bride and groom and their family as well. The destination wedding is gaining popularity due to its add-on excitement, adventure, romance and lots of entertainment. Weddings at a specific destination is a beautiful escape from the hectic, crowded and regular marriage ceremonies. Besides, wedding planner for destination wedding make sure about this.

If you are planning a destination wedding for a romantic and fun-filled getaway with your near and dear ones, then you should book a professional wedding planner with valuable expertise to make your wedding memorable. Your wedlock is the most significant event in your life, so, leave all the strenuous work of planning and organizing the complete ceremony for the professionals and you make the most of the moment with your loved ones.

Here are the main reasons why you should hire a professional wedding planner for a destination wedding

  1. Local Know-How

When you are away from your home town, then the maximum time you spend is on researching the area. Getting the best services at the most genuine prices becomes your main concern. A professional destination wedding planner will be well versed with the best caterer, decorator, transport facilitators, etc. Your most precious time will not be wasted in hunting the best deals. You just sip on your favorite drink and leave the rest on your planner.

wedding planner for destination wedding

  1. Wedding Planners help in saving money

Yes, you read that right! Hiring a wedding planner will increase the budget for the wedding is the most misunderstood fact. Rather, a professional wedding planner with proficient knowledge will help you save your hard-earned money. They can help you crack the best deals and avail best offers from local vendors. If you are planning to have a wedding in Thailand, don’t forget to ping us. We are well-established and deep-rooted wedding planners in Bangkok, Thailand. Our team does our best to make the moment with your loved ones as best as possible.

wedding planner for destination wedding

  1. Local Connections

Good professional wedding planners have rich experience and useful network to grab best deals. Their local connection can relieve you from the worries of hiring local vendors separately for different chores. Since all the vendors need to be booked in at least two to three months advance of an event, it’s good if you give some expert this duty. Sometimes you do not get preparation time for yourself if you are busy sorting the other things about the event.

wedding planner for destination wedding

  1. Experience of Planning

A good wedding planner with their great experience can guide you on various big decisions like choosing and booking the venue, fixing the appropriate date of celebration, catering menu finalizing etc. More to that, the whole event will be managed by a proficient team with a smooth flow so that you enjoy every bit of the celebration.

wedding planner for destination wedding

  1. Element of Entertainment

The various things which add to the spirit of celebration is the spark of entertainment in wedding functions. This needs to be implemented in a planned way. Like seating arrangements for the guests, indoor or outdoor venue for rituals, entry of guests, wedding games and entertainment quotient, musical competitions(the most popular), etc. A good wedding planner for destination wedding can create magic even with limited resources.

wedding planner for destination wedding

  1. Stress-Free Wedding Celebration

Indian marriages are a grand affair and the list of the requirements for wedding arrangement usually are long. Invitation, sweets, venue, menu, guest greetings, stay arrangement, decorations are just to name a few. Your most precious moments of the wedding celebration should not go in vain handling the arrangements for the wedding.

wedding planner for destination wedding

  1. Travel Guidance

When you are planning a destination wedding, you need to book a hotel, local transportation mode etc. for the convenience for you and your guests. Moreover, guests attending the wedding may be interested in exploring the locals, roaming and shopping. Even though everyone might be busy with the wedding functions, they would love to go out and about the local places. Of course, wedding planner for destination wedding is in charge of organizing the transportation and travel at the complete new location.

wedding planner for destination wedding

  1. In-Budget Wedding

A good wedding planner knows very well how to organize the whole wedding in the set budget. Indian weddings can be a really expensive event. If you get yourself a wedding planner, all expenditures will be planned accordingly once the budget is fixed for everything. It is the job of the planner to organize the event in the budget set by you. Due to the local connections and network, a destination wedding planner can compare and grab best deals.

wedding planner for destination wedding

  1. Time-Saving

Preparations for a wedding is an endless affair. Indian weddings are called big fat Indian weddings for a reason. The relatives and friends list goes on and on when it comes to the invitation. Being a busy host, you may miss enjoying the most memorable moments with your near and dear ones. A wedding planner for destination wedding will enable you to meet and greet all your loved guests who traveled to the location for making the most important occasion of your family a memorable one.

wedding planner for destination wedding

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