Shopping Tips for Weddings in Pandemic

Written by Urabana Weddings

Getting married in 2020 and still have not chosen your wedding dress?

Now is the time to get decisive! In this blog, you’ll get to know some of the amazing tips of shopping for weddings in this pandemic.

The new period of isolation and uncertainty ushered due to the Covid-19 pandemic have somewhere impacted wedding couples’ plan to a great extent.

As weddings are mostly scheduled for the end of summer; purchasing bridal wear and fitting is yet another challenge the brides are facing.

The appointments, hands-on-fittings, and seeking the tailors – all these things require research and not-so-distanced level of contact, which is not possible during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Nowadays, the shopping experience is a bit different! This is the situation none of us has ever faced before. People are figuring out new ways of shopping for weddings.

Bridal salons had to shut down due to corona virus as well. Some of them have reopened their businesses now. But shopping for weddings during a pandemic is no close to normal.

Taking care of all the necessary precautions, we are providing you with some expert tips that would make it a little easy for you to shop for your wedding day.

Shopping Tips for Wedding in Pandemic


Shopping during Covid-19 requires more prep work as compared to normal circumstances.

As compared to the previous times, shopping experience would be very much different for all, because today, safety will be your utmost priority. So be prepared for a completely different experience!

The fun part is that when you’ll look back at the pictures of your wedding, you’ll always remember the time when you bought your wedding dress.

During shopping for weddings, here are four tips to keep in mind.

1) Take Small Support System & Maintain Social Distancing

The most common mistake people used to do before Covid-19 is to bring too many relatives and friends with them to get numerous opinions while choosing the wedding dress.

But now, the social distancing measures will require you to bring a tiny entourage while shopping for weddings. So it’s just you who has the major hand in the choices – which is a blessing in disguise.

2) Don’t Forget your Mask

In addition to your wedding dress, don’t forget to buy face masks (for both you and your crew!). Also, nowadays, fashionable masks are in trend for weddings, which are a new part of the wedding attire – The Bridal Face Masks.

3) Inquire about the Delivery Dates

Brides are already worried about their wedding event management during this pandemic. Therefore, you should not rely on the last dates for your dress to be delivered.

Always ask your consultant about the expected delivery date before committing to a wedding gown.

4) Sanitized Wedding Dresses – On Rent!

You must be in a dilemma – Is it safe to buy pre-loved clothes during corona-virus pandemic? Is renting and buying second-hand clothes safe?

Well, your concerns about clothes that have passed through other people’s hands are natural.

But, WHO and Harvard Health have noted that washing clothes with the disinfectant detergents put your mind at ease. Also, they suggest doing so, to prevent yourself from this Covid-19.

Therefore, before buying a second-hand dress or renting one, make sure they are properly sanitized and washed thoroughly.

5) Go online for your wedding outfit shopping

Everything is available on the shopping portals on the Internet. If you are still sceptical about going to a physical store for purchase, go online. Try websites of different brands.

These days, social media has also converted to shopping portals. Find the dress you desire, ping the brand through direct messaging and they would respond to your purchase query!

We hope you liked these tips and following these shopping tips for weddings in the pandemic would make it easier for you to shop for your special day!