Best Food Station & Food Display Ideas To Brighten Up Your D-Day

Written by Urabana Weddings

For the past few years, food stations have taken over the wedding caterings. If you don’t want to hear your stomach rumbling during the long speeches on your grand day, look at these amazing wedding food station ideas – infinitely customizable trends.

Things to know before setting up a food station:

1) Ensure if you have enough and suitable space for the food station in your venue.

2) Whether you have a budget for hiring a catering staff for managing your food station.

3) The number of guests you are inviting and the number of food stations you would need.

4) The set-up and styling of your food station in the way you wish to have.

It’s necessary to know that all food stations are different from each other. Some of them can be set up the day before such as candy buffets or popcorns while the others require management by staff for the ease of guests like pizza stations.

Then comes another variety of dishes that must be kept frozen or refrigerated like sushi, ice-creams, etc. Moreover, professional chefs and servers, as well as timing, play a crucial role at a food station.

Wedding Food Station Display Ideas

Now let’s see the most common food stations displayed at every wedding:

1) Popcorn Station

This food station is the easiest one to set up before the wedding. Also, it is one of the cheapest stations at weddings all around the globe. These snacks can be served at any time of the day from post-ceremony to pre-dinner.

2) The Candy Buffet Station

At this station, you’ll observe your childhood favorite candies and sweet bars like marshmallows, fudge, rock candies, etc. Organize different types of candies in pretty glass vessels and provide handy bags to your guests to fill in their heart’s content. You may also present cookies and cakes at this station.

3) The Ice-Cream Bar

When you are blessed with a sunny day in summer, this food station will be the highlight of the whole day. Ask your caterer to lay out the tubs of your favourite icecreams on your grand day. Set up a beautiful as well as a delicious sundae bar with selective toppings.


7 Unique Ideas to Style Your Wedding Food Station


The following ideas would provide you with the best decor and styling of your wedding food station.

If you have planned a particular theme for your wedding; the decorative containers, cutlery, and tableware would make the wedding space look more festive and visually impactful. For example, you may use well-suited cake stands, cutting boards, etc according to your theme.

Here we present you with some astonishing food display ideas to make your wedlock become the talk of the town:

1) Boat Shaped Buffet Table

Make your wedding food station look exotic with this gorgeous design.

2) The Ladder Bar

Planning a day wedding? Decorate your food display game with a beautiful touch of DIY Ladder Bar. Go with the lights for the night wedding and the floral strings for the day wedding.

3) Trolley for Drinks

Serve your guests in a fun and interesting way with these customized drink trollies. Setting the trolleys at every corner would make it easy for guests to grab the drink of their choice.

4) Food Stands

These food stands would make it easy for you to organize different food items innovatively in small spaces with much more convenience.

5) The Donut Bar

These are something that has always been kids’ favorite. Style and Serve the delicious donuts with these amazing donut bars.

6) The Sturdy Wooden Shelf

The most innovative way of displaying your food items would be reusing your old wooden shelf. The old rustic wooden shelves always have an eye-catching display.

7) The Chalkboard Runners

This one is a quirky way of serving your guests with delicious food items along with their names for better understanding. It would instantly attract your guests towards the table.


So, did you like these ideas? Let us know which one you liked the most. Hope this would be helpful for you if you are planning a wedding and want to amp up your grand day!