The Era of Pre-wedding photography

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Pre-wedding photography is getting very popular. A pre-wedding shoot is full of enthralling adventure and excitement; it adds the spice to the joyous experience of the wedding.This is the best time to show off possesses, styles and moods in different locations.

Pre Wedding Shoot Vs. Engagement Shoot

Pre-wedding shoot means the photography session before the actual day of the wedding. A pre-wedding shoot is commonly confused with an engagement shoot. Actually, engagement shoot covers the engagement ceremony and pre-wedding shoot is like living the bachelorhood together.

Locations for Pre-wedding Shoot

Pre-wedding photography is generally performed in an outdoor location. Hills, roads, beaches, streets, historical monuments,and lovers’ spots are among the popular locations for a pre-wedding shoot for its picturesque appeal.

Best backgrounds ideas for Pre Wedding Shoot

There are numerous creative ideas for the pre-wedding shoot. Now the days, good wedding planners also guide and recommend the professional photographers for pre-wedding and wedding shoot. A good wedding planner or marriage planner also suggests the creative ideas for pre-wedding shoot.

Let us have a look at the stunning background ideas for making the pre-wedding shoot a memorable experience.

  • Endless blue sky
  • Sparkling waters of the sea with the rays of the sun
  • A land full of white sand shining in the sunlight,
  • Hilltops in the lap of nature
  • Marvelous architecture of historical buildings
  • Streets full of flowers etc.


Outfits and Make up for Pre-wedding Shoot

Outfits and makeup play the important role in the appearance and effects of the shoot by adding the different mood and style. Various styles of wedding dressing and makeup that can be tried for the pre-wedding photo shoot are

  • Traditional and ethnic
  • Vintage and historical
  • Glamorous and fashionable
  • Casual and simple

Things to be kept in mind for executing the pre-wedding shoot

  • Partner’s choice- In the excitement of pre-wedding shoot, never overlook the choice of partner. A pre-wedding shoot is equally important for both the partners
  • Suitable Time- Time of pre-wedding <a href=””>shoot</a> should be such that it gives the suitable time to the professional pre and post-shoot
  • Well fed- the whole day of the shoot will be hectic and tiring. Do reach the location of the shoot after having a meal and if possible carry mini meals to be an energetic whole day.
  • The timing of shoot- Timing of shoot plays important role in the outdoor pre-wedding Do follow the instructions of the professional for the shoot timings to have the same feel and touch of the shoot.
  • Makeup and outfit Trial – Do have the trail of makeup and outfit before the actual day shoot if you are experimenting the looks and appearance.

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