How much a wedding planners cost?

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Are you planning a wedding?

Are you searching marriage planners to arrange your wedding?

or you have question in your mind How much cost you need to hire a wedding planner?

A good Wedding planner adds the worth to the wedding, the one who can turn moments into the unforgettable memories. Cost of a wedding planner does not pinch as an additional cost, if a wedding planner is proficient in respecting the thought of the wedding keeping in mind the budget. Wedding or event planner is the one who organizes everything on your behalf but with the better touch of professional arrangement.

Cost of a wedding planner depends upon the services provided, like consultancy service package, complete service package cost, a wedding day package etc.

  • Consultancy Service Package

Under the consultancy package, a wedding planner suggests the themes, venues and vendors for decoration, catering, sweets or gifts distribution etc. They also guide would be the bride and groom about the latest trends and styles for outfits, jewellery, footwear, makeup, hair styles for different occasion etc. A wedding planner will not responsible for the minute detailing but will act as a recommender and guide.

  • Complete Service package

Under a complete service package, a wedding planner is responsible for the performance of each and every activity with minute detailing. A role of a wedding planner is wider than a recommender and guide. A good wedding planner is a creator and operator of every ceremonial performance of wedding ceremony like Bangle ceremony, Sangeet ceremony, Mehndi, Shagun, Wedding and Reception in the most beautiful way. The one, who will think the theme, create the ambiance, arrange the feast, pre-wedding shoot and even arrange for a meeting and treating guest with great hospitality. And will be the cushion for the stress arising of unwanted sudden situations.

  • Single Day Package for wedding

Under this package, a wedding planner is hired for a single day of the wedding for ensuring the smooth performance of ceremonies and wedding functions on the day of the wedding. These kinds of services are majorly availed in metro cities. A wedding planner stays on the location to check the preparations and arrangements. Pre-meeting of a wedding planner with the clients and their vendor is must to keep the things well coordinated.

The combo of Consultancy Service Package and Single Day Package for Wedding

The combo of consultancy service Package and single day package for a wedding is another good option. This will equip the client benefit of the combo. The client can avail the professional guidance for wedding themes, and venues along with the information of suitable vendors for decoration, catering, sweets or gifts distribution; and can also avail the services of a professional wedding planner on the most important day. This combo provides the best solution with the best cost.

Other factors affecting the cost of a wedding planner are

  • Number of wedding functions and days of celebration
  • Location and day of the wedding
  • Number of guests attending the wedding function
  • Level of hospitality and arrangement

Cost of a good wedding planner can never pinch anybody, since the level of services and arrangement will make you more than satisfied and happy. The hiring of a professional wedding planner is always worth full since it will help in saving the valuable time and resources also.

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