Importance and Celebration of Teej festival

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Teej – A Festival of Swings

Teej basically means the third day of the month. Teej is one of the most sacred festivals dedicated to womanhood and is observed with great fervour. It is celebrated in the northern and western states of India with different names like Teeyan, Haryali Teej, Hartalika Teej, Awra Teej, Kevada Teej etc. This auspicious festival is celebrated in the monsoon season and every woman celebrates the festival of swings with Solah Singaar.

Traditions and Rituals of Teej

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It is believed that Goddess Parvati and Mahadev got united on this day and this festival bring the blessings for a happy married life. Traditions and rituals of this beautiful festival make it more adorable. For Instance

Application of Mehandi

On the occasion of Teej, women apply Mehandi on their hands and feet like Karva Chauth. The tradition of applying Mehandi is prevailing in India since ancient times as it holds cultural significance along with medicinal and beautification properties.

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Solah Shringaar

Solah Shringaar means complete adornment from head to toe by the women which consists of traditional makeup, jewellery, Mehandi, floral embellishments etc. On this festival beauty embraces beauty.

Swings and Folk Songs

Swings, folk songs and dances make this festival more adorable. Unmarried girls and married women enjoy this beautiful festival with fun filled moments in an open courtyard.

Fasting and Blessing

It is believed that on this day Mahadev accepted Goddess Parvati after 108 rebirths.  Married women and girls observe fasting for seeking the blessing for their happy married life and the wellbeing of their husband.

Monsoon celebration

This festival is also associated with the arrival of monsoon and celebrated with the name of Haryali Teej. Monsoon brings relief from the scorching heat of summers.

Ghewar and Kheer with Puda

The sweetest part of this festival is the Ghewar and Kheer with Puda. These relishing sweets are an integral part of this festival.

Celebration of Teej

Every festival has its cultural and traditional significance and its celebration brings the joy and fun filled moments in our hectic lifestyle. Teej is one of the beautiful festivals dedicated to the sacred union of man and woman.  On the occasion of this festival, swings are set up in the open courtyards and are decorated with flowers. Every woman enjoys the swings (Saavan ke Jhule) and sings folk songs. The beauty of this festival magnifies with the adornment of Solah Shringaar and Decorated Swings.

Trending Teej Celebration Ideas

Urbana Weddings and Events wishes all the new brides the Happy Teej and shares some amazing ideas to celebrate first Teej Party

  1. Choose floral print Lehnga in vibrant Colour Scheme.
  2. Floral embellishments for Teej Hair dos
  3. Modern Styled Mehandi Application
  4. Get adorned with floral  Jewellery
  5. Choose open courtyard for a party venue
  6. Let us get floral with floral themed party
  7. Must have decorated swings
  8. Menu must include Ghewar and Puda
  9. Singing and dance on folk tunes
  10.   Traditional return gifts for your loved ones

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