Wedding Cocktail Parties And Glamorous Appearance

Written by Urabana Weddings

Wedding Cocktails evening is one of the best celebrations and wedding ceremony of the entire wedding saga. Cocktail parties are full of music, dance, and fun. Every cocktail evening is lighted with glittering glamour and good mood amongst the delicious food and drinks. Such a happening evening should be attended and hosted with an alluring appearance.   

How to gain the winsome glamorous appearance

It is always exciting to get ready for a wedding cocktail evening.  We have picked some beauty secrets from the glamour industry to adorn the cocktail evening.

Tips for Cocktail Attire and Accessories: 

  1. Choose an outfit that is comfortable to carry; for instance, wear a knee-length dress instead of mini to enjoy the dance moves. 
  2. Wear a dress that compliments the masks and tags of a cocktail party.
  3. Be choosy and select only standout accessory instead of too many, for instance embellishing bracelets and statement earrings are enough to accentuate cocktail looks. 
  4. Carry clutch instead of a big handbag.
  5. The hairstyle should classy yet comfortable. Tiara and decorative hair pins are worth trying.

Step-by-step makeup guide for the amazing parlor looks:

Ice massage on face:

Massage the face with the ice cube wrapped in the cotton fabric to soothe the puffiness of eyes and face. This will relax the face and enable the makeup to stay for long without the need for a touch-up.

Apply Concealer:

Concealer application is very important for the face. Apply the concealer to hide the imperfections and merge with a dabbing motion with the help of fingertips.

Foundation Application:

Apply the makeup base either with the foundation brush or with fingertips. Wait for some time till the makeup base settles on the face.

Shimmer on Eyes:

 The cocktail look can never complete without the shimmering eyes. Apply eye shadow suiting to your dress on the eyes in an upward and outward motion.  Then, apply a light gold eye shade only on the inner areas of your eyes.

Define Eyes in the style:

 Bold and enlarged eyes suit perfectly for the splendid cocktail evening to accentuate the looks. A dark and thick layer of Kajal along with broad eye-lining wills glam up your appearance with bold styling. 

Play with Pink:

Pink is the color of beauty, play with the various shades of pink like Razzmatazz, Wild strawberry, Persian Rose, Carisma, etc. in matt touch.  All these are the charismatic shades of colors. Shape your lips with a lighter shade of lip liner then apply a lip color that stays for long.

Shimmer on the face:

Use shimmering highlighter on the cheekbones to accentuate the features of the face and stand out with beautiful sparkling looks. Use shimmer carefully on the face as it can make you look over and messy when not used properly. 

Words of Glitter

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