Mehandi Ceremony – Amazing Tradition of Blessing and Bliss

Written by Urabana Weddings

Marriage Celebrations start with the Mehandi Ceremony. All the ceremonies of a wedding are unique and beautiful, but the Mehandi Ceremony is one of the most blissful experiences for a bride. The Bride’s hands and feet adorned with exquisite designs of Mehandi fill every heart with many mesmerizing emotions which are difficult to express in words. The wedding ceremony actually embarks the journey of a girl towards her married life.

Mehandi – One of the Solah Shringar of Indian Bride

Indian bride gets ready with Solah Shringar (Sixteen Adorns). Mehandi is one of the important adorns out of the sixteen adorns. The ceremony of Mehandi application before marriage is traditional yet exciting and funfilled. The concept of Solah Shringar basically means the beautification from head to toe and includes all elements of makeup to accessories used for enhancing the appearance of a bride. This tradition actually celebrates and acknowledge the divine beauty of every bride.

Significance of Mehandi

It is believed that Mehandi symbolizes love and bonding of a wedding couple; darker the colour of mehandi means deeper the bond of love. Apart from the prevailing beliefs, Mehandi also posesses cooling and calming properties, so it is also believed that it calms the anxiety and reduces the stress of bride. Along with embellishing the beauty of the bride, it also works as a great anxiety reliever.

Budget friendly Ideas to Add Spark to the Mehandi Celebration

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 This ceremony is performed with great zeal; music, folk songs, dance performances and competitions make it happening and enjoyable. Urbana Weddings best wedding planner in Phuket shares amazing ideas for celebrating the Mehandi Ceremony to add more fun and pleasure.Different Decore Elements

  • Different Decore Elements

Add some simple yet different decors elements like paper lantern hanging, colorful kites, traditional carts, small tents, hanging strings of bangles etc. It will not put much burden on the pocket but can add a spark to the celebration.

  • Music and Dance

No Indian ceremony is complete without music and dance. Choose any corner or centre which is visible to all the guests and use it as a stage for dance performances. Entertainment and engagement are the two major benefits of having a DJ in the Mehandi ceremony.

  • Photo booth and Photo wall

A photo booth is an amazing idea to entertain guests since all love to be clicked with fancy frames and props. Photo walls decorated with spray paints, kites, bangles, dupattas etc are also a great option.

  • Traditional Flavours

Add some traditional flavours in the Mehandi menu. Gol Gappas, Papri Chaat, Vada Pao, Ice Golas, Cotton Candies etc. are relished by all and are very budget friendly food items. 

  • Prop stalls

Set stalls having different props like, theme masks, funny titles, fancy bangles, crazy goggles, artificial garlands, beautiful tiaras etc. Stalls will enhance the venue decors and stall items will involve all the guests in the funny activities.

  • Games

Weddings are the occasions when all friends and relatives come together to celebrate and enjoy. Games are the best ways to involve all the age groups in the celebrations. Musical chairs, tug of war, Gol Gappa competitions, karaoke etc. are some entertaining games to light up Mehandi celebration.

Final Words

A good wedding planner helps in turning the ordinary Mehandi ceremony into a memorable event with great venue utilization, budget friendly décor ideas, and a creative theme. The hiring of a wedding planner is always an asset due to its enriched experience of handling different occasions and situations.