Summer Weddings – Tips and Tricks to tame the heat

Written by Urabana Weddings

Weddings are a grand affair and we all want them to be perfect. Weddings in summers not only pose arrangement challenges but also offer opportunities to add some fun and frolic. So, if you are going to have a wedding in a summer season, do not think of long hot days and humidity, rather think of something unconventional to add cheer and allure to the event.

Summer wedding Tips

In this blog, we will share important tips for planning a summer wedding and also some joyous ideas to make your wedding more entertaining. 

Summer poses different sets of challenges for decoration, food & beverages, clothing and makeup, seating arrangements etc.

1.    Intelligent Venue Selection

A good wedding planner prefers to select a venue which offers both outdoor and indoor party locations. A good site must have a pool, garden, exotic indoor, beautifully managed terrace and comfortable outdoors. Prefer cool indoor locations for daytime celebration to beat the heat. And outdoor venue should have support for all cooling arrangements.

2.    Food and Beverages

Nothing feels appealing when the temperature starts rising. Cool down the guests with fruit-punches, lemonades, and juices. Add the topping treats of berries on mocktails. Offer a variety of ice creams, ice candies and fruit salads. The menu should be selected keeping the weather in mind. Stock more variety of light appetizers in the menu. Prefer snacks which are less oily and spicy. In case of indoor celebration, ensure perfect cooling arrangements.

3.    Decoration

decoration- urbanawedding

Lights offer the best decoration but need to be restricted as per requirement. Spend more on flowers than lights. Flowers will give a soothing and cooling impact. Use wide, colored umbrellas for outdoor decorations of evening parties. Choose pastel shades of colors in decoration to improve cooling, like icy blue, sea green, soft pink, creamy yellow and light mint. Similarly, centerpieces should be filled with flowers.

4.    Wedding Seating

A good wedding planner needs to plan wedding seating very intelligently to give comfort to both the guest and the host. Guest list and cooling units are the most important factors which need to be kept in mind while arranging seating. And most importantly a big NO to metal chairs to save your guests’ posteriors.

5.    Power Backup

Power failure in summer will make everyone sweaty, messy and grumpy. Stand-by generators for power backup are a must. Best planned weddings can be ruined with a single power cut.

Tricks to Turn down the heat

The Sun should not become an obstacle when you are ready in style to beat the heat.

1.    Drink Outlets

Plan different types of drink outlets to offer traditional drinks, lemonades, mocktails in style with sliced fruits inside.

2.    Splashing Pool

Pool party-urbana wedding

Think of splashing pool and water games instead of being conventional. Plan games in wedding like tug of war, swimming races etc. in the pool.

3.    Refreshing Fruits

Fruits offer the best refreshment in summer. Serve refreshing fruit ice creams, fruit salads, mixed-fruit bucket etc.

4.    Ice Punches

Fight the heat with the ice. Keep traditional style buckets or carts filled with Ice candies, ice pops, ice punches etc.

5.    Cooling Stations

Plan various huts or kiosks to offer shades, battery-run hand fans, stylish umbrellas etc.

6.    Rain Party

Rain parties are also worth trying when you think of music and dance.

7.    Sun and Bug Control

Keep designer containers having sunscreen and mosquito repellents to make it readily available to all guests.

So here are some great tips of summmer wedding given by urbana wedding the one of the most trusted wedding planner in thailand. So enjoy your wedding in summer season with these interesting tips.