Best Birthday Surprises to Cherish Your Soul Mate

Written by Urabana Weddings

Birthdays are the most cherished occasions of our life. Surprises on birthdays work miraculously and make it more lovable and memorable. Even a little effort can work wonders if it is well planned. Birthday surprises are one of the most beautiful ways to express love. And we are sure, if something is planned with love, it will make your soul mate feel out of this world.

Best Birthday Surprises

Urbana Weddings and Events wishes your partner very happy returns of the day and also shares some lovely ideas to make the birthday really special and memorable.

  • Make a Morning More Special with Greet and Treat

Wake your partner up in the morning with birthday wishes and roses. Serve morning tea/coffee and delicious breakfast in bed and make the birthday more special. Small gifts like chocolates and a birthday card will bring an everlasting smile to the lips of your partner.

Writing a love note is like writing a love letter. You can write love notes and express your love. Writing beautiful wordings on scented papers to express how much you love and how you feel about your loved one may look outdated in the digital age but believe me, it is still a very romantic gesture to express your love.

  • Cooking Delight

Whatever you will cook to express your love, will definitely be the most relishing recipe. Do not worry, if you are not a good cook, you can try some quick and easy recipes. Various cooking recipes are available online with minimum ingredients and cooking time. The effort spent cooking will surprise your partner.

  • Arrange a Spa Treat
Massage therapist massaging at a spa

Everyone loves a spa treat. Arrange a spa treat either at home or by booking an appointment in a good salon and spa center. Pampering your partner at the spa is a really good idea. The spa will be the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience for body and mind both. Your partner will love this pampering treat.

Plan to turn your evening romantic by booking an evening show of favourite movie or musical performance. If you do not want to go out and want to stay at home for an intimate and personalized evening, you can turn the evening romantic by watching a favourite movie and arranging some light snacks.

  • Surprise Party

Arrange a surprise birthday party in their favourite restaurant.  Make the birthday party more special by arranging it on the rooftop. Invite all friends and relatives secretly and take your partner to the party with you. This will be the most thrilling and memorable experience for both of you.

  • Keep on Gifting

Keep on gifting something all day long. Your partner will keep on guessing your next gift and the whole scenario will make the birthday more special and memorable. You can gift roses and cards in the morning; premium pens or perfumes in the afternoon; chocolates in the evening; and finally dresses or jewellery to wear at the birthday party.

  • Adventurous Trip

Planning an adventurous trip with your partner is a really great idea. But do not plan this secretly since your partner’s work routine may not allow you to implement this plan. Plan together and make all bookings in advance for a smooth trip. Plan your travel ahead and choose the destination as per the likes of your partner. Going on trekking and camping is also a good idea if you plan on weekends and your friends can also join along. Do not spend the whole day travelling if your partner does not enjoy long drives.