Impeccable Wedding Trends in 2019

Written by Urabana Weddings

Indian Weddings have been celebrated on a grand scale since ages. New trends are being introduced every year to keep the charm intact like creative decors, personalized wedding themes, eco-friendly weddings ideas and many more.

Impeccable Wedding Trends 2019-2020

The year 2019 has seen some impeccable trends, and now another exciting season of the wedding in 2019-2020 is about to begin. Urbana Weddings and events shares some of the new trends as below:

1. Bold and Bright

Reach and definition of fashion has already broken all the barriers of traditions and age. Rich and bright colours are in trend. Wedding outfits in fuchsia, burgundy, emerald and turquoise are most liked by the brides. Similarly, we have witnessed some bold and different decor ideas and themes in 2019-2020 weddings.

2. E-Invites and Seeded Invites

The invitations are the foremost requirement of every occasion and wedding is the most important occasion of our life. E-Invites offer the opportunity of showing impressive creativity with no printing cost. Seeded invites are also a great idea of a wedding invitation for supporting an environment where an invitation card is embedded with the plant seed with instruction of planting the invite in the pot.

3. Destination Weddings

Weddings celebrations are getting more personalized, which has given rise to the concept of a destination wedding. A destination wedding is a beautiful concept which helps you to live every moment of the wedding with your near and dear ones. Thailand is one of the most preferred locations for both budgets as well as luxurious weddings.

4. Natural Makeup and Fresh Flowers

 Brides of today nowadays do not prefer heavy and gaudy makeup looks. Showy looks with heavy foundation, glittery eyes and artificial flowers are replaced by natural makeup looks and fresh flowers. Bridal makeup items and tools have become advanced that it makeup does not appear as a separate layer on the face. Similarly, accessories are chosen with great care. Brides are adorned with elegant braids and classy buns decorated with fresh flowers 

5. Bridal Outfits with Double Dupatta

Bridal outfits with double dupatta are getting popular. Double dupatta adds allure to Bridal outfits if paired beautifully. Double dupatta is a hot trend with lehengas and sarees. Contrast shades in dupatta are equally popular along with dupattas having the same colour either in a lighter or darker shade.

6. Exotic Royal 

Modernism has its charm, but the royal style is still trendy for its classy and exotic appeal. From wedding outfit to decors and wedding thraditional itemes, tems like antique table centrepiece, royal shades of colours and traditional dishes in the menu adds to the timeless touch to the wedding.

7. Theme Wedding

Theme wedding is an entertaining concept of celebrating the wedding. It makes the wedding more exciting and memorable with the add-on entertainment. There are many trendy themes of a wedding like romantic, vintage, classic, Whimsical, modern and traditional.

We at Urbana Weddings and Events – Wedding Planner in Thailand are extremely happy to share these wedding trends for 2019. Urbana believes in assisting you with perfect planning to make your wedding an exceptional event of your life!!