Top 10 Modern Trends Of Pre-Wedding Shoot

Written by Urabana Weddings

Hey! Planning pre-wedding photoshoot?

Well, it’s quite a common and amazing trend one should follow on their wedding. There was a time when the only photoshoot before the wedding was on the day of the engagement ceremony. And, that too was not by a professional photographer but by the family members themselves.

Nowadays, every couple is aware of the wedding trends and the pre-wedding shoot has taken an upward curve since it’s inception. No more shy brides and bewildered grooms in this new era of knowing and owning your partner completely; be it the love marriage or arranged!

The pre-wedding shoot is done at any prime location, finalized by the photographer and couple together, with a particular theme depending upon the mood, emotions, and likings of the couple.


Why is Pre-wedding shoot important?

This shoot gives the couple a privilege to know each other in a better way. It helps to build confidence in the couple for the final wedding photography, especially the couples who are having arranged marriage. The pre-wedding shoot brings two people even more closer.

Also, the comfort between the couple and the photographer is very important. Therefore, hire the same photographer for your wedding to make yourself at ease.

Now let’s look at some latest trends of the pre-wedding shoot.

The following are the top modern trends you must follow to make your pre-wedding shoot full of fun and memorable for life.

Top 10 Modern Trends to Follow in Pre-Wedding Shoot

Photographers have unlimited options for a pre-wed shoot which can be customized as per couples’ demands. Here are some pre-wedding shoot ideas you must know.

1) Shoot with Frames and Props

This is the most admired pre-wedding shoot idea. Frames give your pictures a creative and romantic look. Also, props like cycle, dupatta, umbrella, guitar, etc make them a perfect collection of pictures for a lifetime.

2) A night under the Twinkling Stars

Shoot under the dark sky filled with beautiful twinkling stars and moon is not less than a dream come true.  Pre-wedding shoot under the full moon creates a beautiful and romantic visual love story giving an entirely new aspect to go through in later years.

3) Shoot on a Historical Place

This is a great option for those staying in and around the city swamped with historical monuments. Hold your partner’s hand and have an amazing shoot with beautiful historic creations.

4) Go on a Boat-Ride with your Partner

Nothing can be more romantic than a picture amidst water with the partner, looking at each other with the heart replete with love.

5) Shoot alongside your Pets

Couples who love their pets more than anything would love the idea of this photoshoot.

6) Shoot in the Lap of Nature

Doesn’ t it sound amazing to have a pre-wedding shoot in the lap of nature? Do not miss the chance of shooting there in most romantic ways. Amidst tall trees, open sky, green grass; there is a lot to be traversed.


7) Shoot beside a Beautiful Beach

Who doesn’t love beaches? Pre-wedding shoot on a beach is most trending nowadays. Go Beachy!

8) The Smoke Bombs

The smoke bombs give an extra tinge to your pre-wedding photoshoot. Go gaga with colourful smoke bombs and create a beautiful pre-wed album!

9) Romantic Bollywood Shoot

Give your pre-wedding shoot a filmy theme with songs running in the background, no less than a super hit romantic movie. Nothing can be better than this for the couples extremely filmy by heart. Filming your sweet love story is an amazing memory to cherish forever.

10) Pre-Wedding Video Shoot

Another thing that is trending these days is pre-wedding videography. Use some props, choose your partner’s favourite song, shoot a video, and let your partner know how much you love him/her.

Click below and watch amazing pre-wedding video shoots by Urbana Weddings and Events:

These were some amazing pre-wedding shoot ideas you must follow to make your special day memorable for life.

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