Tips for arrange Perfect Wedding Seating plan

Written by Urabana Weddings

Wedding Feast

The wedding feast is one of the most important factors for pleasing all the guests and perfect seating arrangement can make it more relishing. Taste of wedding meal stays for long in the memory of all. A good wedding planner takes good care of seating arrangement for making it congenial, close and interesting.

Wedding feast continues for a much longer time than regular meals; so, it is really important to plan and, manage the seating for the wedding reception dinner. Along with the wedding reception dinner, there are various pre-wedding ceremonies celebrated with families and friends are need to be taken care equally.

How to make wedding functions more enjoyable

Visit the Venue Site

First and foremost task before planning a wedding reception seating is to visit the venue site and check out the various option for wedding seating arrangements. It is really important to plan the seating as per the venue site since best-arranged seating can look odd if the venue site does not support it.

Shape and size of tables

Shape and size of tables also matter a lot. Look and comfort of seating trail depends on the shape of tables. Different shapes of tables like round, oval, square and rectangle allow different wedding seating trails; similarly different sizes of tables also offer the different options for wedding reception seating.

Place for Everyone

Each and every guest is invited and special, so there should be a suitable place for everyone. Wedding reception seating requires separate tables for kids and old-aged as per the requirements. This is the most important thing that many of us overlook mostly. A professional wedding and event planner is well aware of this and takes it into consideration for planning a wedding seating for all the ceremonial celebrations

Ceremonies – Time and Requirement

Indian weddings are a saga of ceremonies. Each and every ceremony is important and required specific arrangement as per the time and location. Wedding Sangeet, Mehandi, and Bangle Ceremony are the pre-wedding ceremonies wherein seating arrangement depends upon the time of the day when these are performed and also the location where these are performed like indoor or outdoor.

Draw a Rough Draft first

Before starting the actual arrangement of seating and decoration, always make a rough draft either on paper or in the computer. It will not only save the time of arranging and rectification but also save your precious and tender decoration article from getting de-shaped or spoiled. A good event and wedding planner always work as per the pre-decided draft to avoid any chaos.

Plan according to Age Groups

Seating arrangement in all the ceremonies of the wedding should also consider the floor plan and age groups. Like, seating near to DJ should be as per the young ones, seating near the ceremonies stage should be as per the family members.

Special Attention to Wedding Couple and Family Members

Seating plan should ensure the special attention for the wedding couple, and also be made keeping in the mind both the factors comfort and importance of wedding couple. There should be a proper place around the wedding couple and their family members to meet and greet the guests.


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