11 chosen elegant Indian Wedding Hairstyles for your D-Day

Written by Urabana Weddings

A bride’s wedding look does not only depend on the wedding dress and makeup. Besides, giving attention to the hairstyle is equally important. The wedding outfits along with balanced accessories, makeup and hairstyle are mutually inclusive. There is a wide range of bridal hairstyles you may choose to match your wedding outfit and makeup.

Though it might seem difficult for you to choose a perfect one among the variety of Indian wedding hairstyles, no need to worry!

We are going to share 11 trending Indian wedding hairstyles from open hair to the classic bridal buns that will unquestionably rock your bridal look!

The most obvious way to assure that the bridal hairstyles works in tandem with the wedding dress is to go by the neckline.

Following we have rounded up several hairstyles that utterly gratify today’s most popular necklines – scoop, off-the-shoulder, and even the high neck.

Do consult your stylist for which hairdo will go best with your look before putting your finger on the one. Discover the hairstyles that serve the best with your gorgeous wedding dress.

So here we are! Let’s jump into the mesmerizing world of bridal hairstyles.

Elegant Indian Wedding Hairstyles

1) The Waterfall Braid: 

This kind of braid is the most elegant and graceful one for all your wedding and pre-wedding gatherings. This hairstyle takes the entire bridal look, up a notch.


2) The Fishtail Braid:

If you are looking for traditional Indian wedding hairstyles, then a beautiful long fishtail braid is perfect for you. You may also adorn the braid with a lot of mogras (jasmine flowers) on it giving it a gorgeous look. It’s a great option for a bride looking for wedding hairstyles for long hair.


3) The Mermaid Braid: 

This one is the most comfortable braid when it comes to dancing the night away without bothering about the hair getting in your way. You may use the accessories such as beads and flowers to make it look more graceful.


4) The bubble Braid: 

Ever dreamt of dressing up like the Disney princess? If yes, this one is perfect for you! Make your hairstyle sectioned in braids to resemble the exotic princess of the Disney World.


5) Side Braid with Accessories:

If you are more concerned about the high volume look of your hair, this one among the classic bridal hairstyles is what you can choose! It would go best with the silk sarees. Use hair accessories to give it a fancy bridal look.


6) Braid with a Bridal Bun:

This one is for those who believe in simplicity at its best. Indian wedding hairstyles with a simple yet alluring look. A side braid turning into a bun top-notched with beautiful flowers seems great for a wedding hairstyle.


7) The Messy Bun: 

Do you have straight hair or curly hair? It doesn’t matter! Messy buns are perfect for both. This is a great hairstyle for wedding ceremonies. Also, in such a scorching summer, Buns are best to beat the hotness.


8) The Donut Bun: 


A bun covered with beautiful flowers seems so perfect! Since not every bride prefers flowers on a bun, but if you are one of those in favour of flowery bun, then you must try this. You may also add some extensions, if your hair is short, to make a great bridal hairstyle for short hair.


9) Open Hair with a single Lock: 

Cascade your long smooth hair down to your shoulder! Tie them half with a single knot decorating with some dainty flowers on it and make it look more attractive.


10) Open Hair Bridal Hairstyle:

This is the simplest hairstyle amongst all. Form a lovely bridal hairstyle by keeping your hair completely natural and straight. You can also wear a small maang tikka to enhance your simple look if you are not a heavy hair accessories kind of person.


11) Bridal hairstyle with Maang Tikka and Gajra:

This is slightly different from the previous one. If you are planning to make a bun along with a maang tikka, this one is for you. Also, it would look great if you place a gajra on it. This is also a great bridal hairstyle for short hair!


And yes, here’s a statement to remember!

The bridal hairstyles in today’s era are no more only about setting up your hair in a fancy hairdo; a hairstyle speaks about the bride’s nature and resonates with her personality. So, select your styles and match them with the mood of the occasion.


Thanks to the immensely talented hairstylists who are uniformly coming up with new bridal hairstyles. Besides, as wedding planners, we have got multiple opportunities to work with some as well.


So, which one of these Indian wedding hairstyles you liked the most? We hope that you discovered the best-suited hairstyle for your big day!