Do’s and Don’ts while arranging Destination Wedding

Written by Urabana Weddings


Wedding ceremonies are the best celebrations in everyone’s life. Wedding memories are memorable moments of our lifetime and always remain fresh in our minds. A grand and exotic destination wedding is the dream of every bride and groom. The fascination and enticement of destination weddings are really worth experiencing.

Dos and Don’ts

Dos and don’ts of destination weddings are very important considerations, which have a major impact on the planning and implementation of the wedding.

Important Dos

  1. Conceptualization of wedding – The concept of the wedding must match the location you choose for a destination wedding. So, it is very important that the concept of wedding, location, décor and menu should complement each other to create magical moments.
  2. Careful Selection of destination – The most important decision in a destination wedding is the careful selection of location. The location should be appealing and conveniently approachable by all the guests.
  • Complete Site analysis – You should visit the site and confirm only after the complete survey, which should includefactors likefacilities, capacity and view.
  • Local Research and development – You should invest some quality time in research and development for local vendors, photographers, makeup artist, caterers and local routes.
  • Local Flavours and Favours 

Flavours of local food and souvenirs of every location are unique and interesting. These are the sparkling glitters which can enhance the charm of your destination wedding.


  • A careful and exact count of guests – Correct count of guests is very important when you are planning a destination wedding, since everything needs to be planned and arranged as per the count of the guest.
  • Reaching Few Days earlier – If you are not hiring a wedding planner, it is very important to reach the destination before the arrival of your guests for the arrangement.
  • Listing down with local vendors – When you are not in your hometown, contact details of vendors for decorations, catering, living arrangements etc are very important.
  • Considering Weather conditions – Climate conditions of the location selected for a destination wedding should be favourable. For instance, do not select hills during rainy season and deserts during summers.
  1. Seek local Permissions – Local permission is required if you are planning something in public places and restricted premises.

Important Don’ts

  1. Do not go out of Budget – Plan each and every activity with great detailing along with its performance expense, since many weddings may witness overspending.
  • Do not Assume – Assumptions are the real enemies. So, work on facts like guest count, their arrival-departure date and time, and vendor duties and charges. You cannot assume the services of vendors, especially when you are planning a destination wedding.
  • Do not forget to carry a dress and accessories – Do not forget to carry your dresses, footwear, jewellery and other accessories.
  • Do not expect from guest – Do not expect that your guests will share the burden of arrangements. This reliability can create a mess and it is not even fairthat you expect your guest to work for you.
  • Do not Experiment with looks – Do not experiment with looks and styles. If you want to go for changed looks with makeup and hairstyling, it is better to have a trial before the actual wedding ceremonies.
  • Do not skip guest transportation – When you are planning a destination wedding, you need to take the responsibility of guest transportation since they may be new to the location. Finding the address may be troublesome for the guests.
Urbana weddings- guest transportation

Worthy Solution

A destination wedding is a beautiful dream but needs a lot of hard work in planning and execution. You may fail to create magical moments, even with your best efforts due to a lack of professional knowledge and network. Professional services of a wedding planner are required for a destination wedding. It will not only relieve your burden but will also help you to crack best deals. Urban weddings the one of the best wedding planner in phuket, thailand suggest you some tips to take care in mind while planning a wedding