Creative way of invitation for different occasions

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Invitations – Heartfelt Expressions

Invites carry welcoming gestures in the form of miraculous words to greet and welcome near and dear ones to attend personal or business events. Invitation cards are the best ways to express the importance and feelings related to that event.

How to write and design a good Invitation

A good invitation is the one which is designed to carry all the required information in an impressive and elegant style. Best designed invitations work like a marketer for the events and make invitees more curious about the celebration styles.

 Invitation must carry

Purpose of Invitation

Purpose of the invitation means the occasion, and it may be a wedding party, a birthday celebration, an anniversary and a business event. So, mention the occasion gracefully.

Honouree Name

A celebration is important and so as the Honouree name; so it should be mentioned in an exquisite way. And always mention the full name of honouree.

Date and Time of Occasion

Complete date and time of the event should be mentioned. Do mention day and month with the date and AM or PM with time. Various ceremonies are performed during a wedding; we should mention the time and date of all.

Venue of Event

The event may be organized at home or at any particular location; we should mention the complete address along with prominent landmark to facilitate our guests to reach that location.

Dress code or Theme

Now the days, the trend of theme parties is increasing. Please mention the theme of the party in the invitation only so that invitee will get an appropriate time. In case of business event, please mention the dress code if there is any.

Designing Tips for Various Invitations

An invitation creates the first impression, so designing an invitation is a must. Shape, colours, and images collectively create an appearance of the invitation.

Wedding Invitations

A wedding invitation is the social announcement of tying a sacred knot; the appearance of the wedding invite should reflect the style of your wedding. For Example

  1. Pastel colours and classic vintage & royal fonts for a classy appearance.
  2. Bold Colours and fonts for glam appearance
  3. Elegantly styled with animation and graphics for a modern appearance.

Birthday Invitations

A birthday celebration is a joyous expression of welcoming a new member in the family.  If it is the first birthday celebration, then it should be colourful and bubbly as kids. Invitation design should be decorated with balloons, cartoon characters, and animated images. A birthday invitation design must have a vibrant colour scheme, joy expressing fonts, images to add sparkle to its appearance.

Marriage Anniversary Invitations

Marriage anniversary celebrates love and togetherness. An Invitation related to the celebration of the beautiful journey of husband and wife should be as special as their wonderful journey. Love is celebrated with roses, hearts, candles, and chocolates; so anniversary invitation should look as romantic as love. Shades of pinks and reds, along with some other pastel shades on the heart-shaped invitations can create magic. Beautiful quotes of love and the images of the couple on the wedding invitation are some ideas that can be considered.

Business Invitations

Business parties are formal in nature so business invitation should also be designed with the same touch and feel. Business invitation covers product or segment launch, profit declaration and annual meet etc. Business invitation should be designed to reflect the brilliance and strength of your business. The business invitation should be designed with minimum colours and should be chosen while keeping in mind the logo of the company. No or minimum graphics and images should be used in the design.

Benefits of Best designed Invitations

  1. Offer the best opportunity to create the impression
  2. Best Invitations remain alive as good memories
  3. Good invitations act as an active marketer of business
  4. Best way to impel invitees to attend the occasion.

Last but not least

Celebration of occasions is as important as the occasion itself. Complete details, impressing designing, and elegant appearance make the invitation feel best. Similarly, organized weddings and events need the best theme, intelligent selection of venue, relishing meals, outstanding decors, warm hospitality, and a backup plan. A good wedding and an event planner will relive you from all the worries of arrangements.

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