9 Best Bridal Shower Ideas to Mark an End to Bachelorette Life

Written by Urabana Weddings

Bridal Shower have nowadays become very common as a pre-wedding event, and each of them celebrated uniquely.

We are sharing lovely bridal shower themes for the beautiful bride-to-be. If you like these ideas, do make an effort to make your sister or friend or yourself feel all the love for their special day.

Top 9 themes for Bridal Shower

1) Beach Theme

It’s the most beautiful and the most loved bridal shower theme. Arrange a traditional party with the theme color blue & white as well as vibrant pops of green & coral shades. Buy pairs of flip-flops for your guests to get them in a beach mood.


2) Wedding Palette Color Theme

Set up the theme using color from the couple’s wedding palette and use them for food, beverages, and decor as well. It is an easy and most affordable way to consolidate a theme into a shower.


3) Tea party

It is one of the best and affordable ideas as it can be organized in budgeted as well as lavish manner. You can make it formal by making your guests wear fascinators or there’s an option for a casual party as well. Make sure you are prepared with both caffeinated and decaffeinated options. Arrange eatables like traditional sandwiches of course. Tea Cookies would also be a great option for guests.


4) Travel Theme

If the couple is planning a destination wedding, make the location of the wedding – theme for the bridal shower. Use maps, luggage, globes and travel kind of props in your decoration. Arrange food/beverages according to the destination.


5) Destination Bridal-Shower Theme

Plan a destination bridal shower for your bride-to-be if you have it in your budget. Bachelorette Party would excite your guests and also serve as a weekend getaway or full-fledged holiday. Utilize the party with local food and beverages in the city you’re visiting. Organize the theme of your party in a way that matches up with the destination.


6) Designing Photo Booth 

Whatever theme you’ve chosen, create a photo booth at the bridal shower. Such DIY props can make you feel even more excited and involved. Use a tripod or hire the best photographers to capture the beautiful memories of the moment. You may also purchase photo booth frames and props to glorify your photos.


7) Invitation to Everyone

It would be a lot more fun if you plan a party not only for the bride but for the groom as well. Invite friends and family of the wedding couple to celebrate the joy and make the best of their wedding memories with their loved ones.


8) Bridal Shower at Home

It’s the best option for budget-friendly parties. Arrange a tea party at home or a champagne brunch. Home Bridal Showers are excellent because not only it’s cost-effective but it can be celebrated in both formal and informal ways.


9) Simple Food Made by Guests

Instead of hiring the caterer, make the food yourself. Besides, you can make the bridal shower party interesting by organizing a cooking challenge for the guests. Let your guests surprise the bride with a food/beverage item or a dessert bar as a sweet treat. Moreover, everyone would love the idea of closing your celebration with a signature dish or cocktail.


We hope these ideas would help you plan the special day. While it’s not feasible to have a bridal shower at an outdoor location at the moment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe that these ideas would have inspired you to plan an intimate get together or for when the day comes!