Amazing Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas

Written by Urabana Weddings

Wedding is the most cherished memory of our life. It is a grand announcement of a sacred union of two beautiful souls. A wedding stage hosts all the wedding ceremonies and hence it is considered as the most important element of a wedding event. That is to say, wedding stage decoration is one of the important center of attractions in a wedding venue.

Decorations are very important since they set the mood and adds a feel of celebration to the wedding. A wedding stage witnesses the sacred rituals, exchange of wedding vows, shower of blessings and also the emotional moments.

Urbana Wedding and Events shares the amazing wedding stage decoration ideas to create alluring ambiance in the wedding celebration. Some amazing Wedding Stage Decoration ideas the we ourselves use as wedding planners for the clients are as follows –

wedding stage decoration ideas

1. Fresh Flowers

Nothing can be more beautiful in the world than the flowers. Never miss adding the magic of fresh flowers to the wedding. Fresh flowers are costly but a wedding planner can grab the best deals because of their connections. A wedding stage with the decorations of colorful fresh flowers is a definite treat to watch.


2. Magic of Mixed Elementswedding stage decoration ideas

Our life is a beautiful mix of various emotions and relations. A wedding stage when set in different colors reflect the different shades of our life. The beautiful mix of different decorative elements like flowers, lights, hangings, panels, lavish couches etc. creates a spectacular view. A good wedding planner with great expertise and experience know how to play with different elements of decoration to create fascinating impressions.


wedding stage decoration ideas

3. Go Natural

Nowadays couples prefer beach side or green weddings. The touch of nature in the existing wedding venue introduces a freshness to the event. Wooden couches placed ahead of leafy wall on both sides of the stage looks stunningly cool and if the venue allows then the addition of a waterfall creates an awesome environment.



wedding stage decoration ideas

4. Play with lights

Lights play a very important role in highlighting the important aspects of the wedding. A wedding stage is the major highlight of the wedding celebration. Perfectly placed and focused lights for wedding stage décor adds spark to life. Playing with different shades and exotic styles of lighting on the wedding stage highlights every corner of the  stage.




wedding stage decoration ideas

5. Follow Your Theme

A theme makes a wedding more exciting and entertaining. Royal, floral, vintage, Bollywood, etc. are the popular themes of the wedding.  Follow your theme and light up the wedding venue perfectly. The main highlight of the chosen theme should be depicted on the stage as the center of attraction.



wedding stage decoration ideas

6. Go Unconventional

Nowadays, wedding stage is not a static platform for a wedding celebration. Go unconventional and try big frames, floral strings, chandeliers, dramatic seating etc. Add crystal drops and fairy light strings to flowers, frames and walls. The Love journey of the wedding couple can also be exhibited in a big album style.



Wedding decoration is one of the most noticeable attractions in the marriage. It does not only reflect the class and taste of the host but accentuates the entire wedding with an exotic allure. Hope you like these wedding stage decoration ideas. Feel free to contact us for planning out your destination wedding in Thailand.

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