Ways to keep wedding guests happy

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A wedding is a grand affair which celebrates the sacred knot of two souls with the blessings of friends and relatives. Keeping every guest happy is the prime concern of every host since every guest attending the wedding ceremony adjusts the busy work schedule for being the part of the wedding ceremony. So all we want is that every wedding guest who is leaving, leave it with heart felt loving memories.

We are sharing some very useful hospitality tips for keeping the wedding guests happy

  1. Heart felt Wedding Invitation

How we invite, matter a lot. The wedding invitation should bear the beautiful wordings for the guests. Do keep in mind if invitations are sent through email or post, invitations must be followed bean invitation phone call to add the personal touch. A good wedding planner also provides creative ideas for a wedding invitation.

  1. Pick and Drop for Outstations Guest

Arranging transportation for the outstations guests is a great welcoming gesture. The gesture of proving the taxi to pick guests from airport and railways stations will be highly appreciated by guests and relieves them from the headache of reaching the wedding venue. Similarly, a gesture of dropping facility after the wedding ceremony will also become the pleasing memory for guests.

  1. Welcoming drink with a mini meal


Make sure that guest should be greeted with the welcoming drink and relishing mini meal to calm the quest for hunger and thirst. Outstation guest arriving after completing the long journey will love this kind of welcoming.

  1. Comfortable Arrangement for Rest

There should be a proper arrangement for taking rest especially foraged guests and the guest arriving after a long journey. Give them comfortable time to settle down before joining the ceremonies until or unless they want to join.

  1. Meet and Greet every Guest


Meeting and greeting each and every guest is very important to make them feel that their presence is special and important. Do not get yourself lost in the arrangements to the extent that you do not get time for the greeting gesture. Hiring a wedding planner helps to get relieved of an arrangement headache.

  1. Arrange separate cosy counters

All guests are of different temperament, as younger ones like to dance in the tunes of DJ aged ones prefer to settle down and chat. Make sure that you have a proper arrangement to make the venue a congenial location.

  1. Kids Entertainment

Kids are full of energy and naughtiness so it is very important to keep them busy and entertained. Fairies with a bucket of sweets and gifts or men in the dress of Mickey Mouse or a separate counter for coloring are among the few tricks those will the keep the kids busy and parents relaxed.

  1. Hire a Good Wedding Planner

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The hiring of a best wedding planner thailand relieves you from the burden of arrangements like pick & drop, welcoming drinks and meals and many more will give you the opportunity to spend quality times with the guests.