Choosing the Best Wedding Venues

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A wedding day is the most astonishing day of everyone’s life and the venue is one of the important things that make the wedding function more memorable. Selection of venue is very important while planning the wedding arrangements. wedding Venues are important to create the magical atmosphere and keep the guests happy. It the wedding location which makes host and guest feel comfortable and happy. so, Indian wedding planner in Thailand Such as Urbana-wedding planners helps you to choose from different but best in class and budget venues which can helps making your wedding moments the greatest ones.

The venue for a wedding should be selected keeping in mind all the below important factors

Here are some major factors how to choose a wedding venue

Appropriateness of space as per guest list


Space and size of venue need to selected keeping in view the number of guests invited and probable percentage of guest will be attending the wedding.  Size and space of venue make the arrangement and stay more congenial.

Suitability to the budget


The venue is one of the most expensive expenditures set for the wedding. The venue should be selected keeping in mind the cost of the venue. Countless options of appealing venues are available but the cost can hit the pocket very hard. Selection of venue should be done carefully keeping in mind the services and cost both.

Accessibility to the venue and Parking facility

Approach and accessibility to the location of the wedding venue are also very important. A location of venue should not be remote as it can be uncomfortable to reach outskirts due to non-availability of transport services; similarly, the location in crowded areas is also not recommended. It can make the guest frustrated and tiring. So too far and too crowded, both locations should be avoided. Sufficient parking space should be available to avoid the chaos of two and four wheeler vehicle.

Staff Support and Hospitality

Hospitality is the most important factor that creates the major impacts on the invitees. Past history of service and hospitality should be considered before finalizing the venue. Supportive and pleasing staff is always the first preference of every guest and host. Urbana wedding is the best Indian wedding planner in Thailand who has best staff support and hospitality for their guests and customers.

Infrastructure and Ambience

Basic and advanced infrastructure facilities available on the site also matters. Condition and type of furniture, decoration, lightening, dining halls, garden, stage, rooms etc. are the things that make the venue more congenial and preferred over others. The Ambience of the venue is a very important factor as it is an ambience that adds the spark to the wedding function. And if we have in mind some specific theme of the wedding, then the selection of the venue should be done according to that theme. For example, a vintage wedding cannot be possible in mode infrastructure.

Availability of In-house catering


In-house catering is always an add-on benefit, if available within the venue. It relieves the host from coordinating with one more vendor. Since on the wedding dinner is not only the feast needs to be arranged in the wedding, many times light snacks and tea or coffee or beverages need to be served to guest in between and only in-house catering can arrange all these in between feasts.

Backup and Buffer Availability

Availability of backup and buffer resources to face unwanted challenges is very important. Generator to curb the issue of a power failure; dining halls to avoid the mess created by unexpected weather challenges of the storm, rain etc. emergency transport facility; are the very basic back up planes those should be available within the venue

Conclusion: At last wedding venue should be best enough and fulfil all amenities of your guest so that your wedding make a memorable wedding. is one of the best wedding planner in Bangkok who are arrange a best destination wedding in a thailand.