How to organize a perfect wedding in a budget

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A wedding is a most pleasing experience but the wedding cost is the most worrisome liability. A wedding is such a grand affair that each and every aspect costs involving. A Wedding is for sure one the most expensive events of a lifetime. Planning a wedding keeping eye on a budget without compromising on the pleasing experience of host and guest is not an easy task. Weddings moments are the lifetime memories in the hearts of bride, groom and their families. Budgeted wedding means the planning of a wedding within the spending limits without lacking any important aspect to make the wedding occasion look cheap.

We are sharing a few words of advice to make the wedding a wonderful event of a lifetime


  • Scrutinize Guest list


The guest list should be scrutinized carefully to weed out the least important and keep the important one. Every guest has a direct and indirect impact on the cost; like the venue, food, gifts and so on. Make the wedding more intimate to reduce cost and increase comfort.

  • Limit the Moments of Celebrations

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Each and every ceremony of a wedding involves the cost of arrangement which includes the decoration, infrastructure, food etc. Few ceremonies should be made more personalized with very limited gathering to avoid the cost of arrangements. And these ceremonies can be performed at home avoid the cost of the venue.

  • Decorations to Beautify Celebrations

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The decoration is the most important and expensive aspect of the wedding function. There is no limit on the cost of decoration. And the sky is the limit for creative ideas. Creative decoration ideas can save the cost of decoration by replacing the costly accessory with less expensive accessories like flowers, lighting etc.

  • Choose weekday for a Wedding

Weekends are the busiest days of the whole week. Occupancy rate raises the prices for weekends, hence weekdays are comparatively less occupied and more budget friendly. Compromising the party on weekend will impact the cost of wedding function without impacting the quality and level of the wedding celebration

  • Design your Invitations

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Invitation designing and printing are not as difficult as it looks; invitations can be designed with various applications are available online for this purpose. E-VITE means Electronic Invitation; it is another good option for curbing the printing and courier cost. E-vite can be shared with the relatives and friends for inviting them all on a wedding.

  • Musical Band of student

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Local university and college can be contacted for the musical bands. Students are more energetic and innovative with musical tunes. It will add the youthful to the celebration with minimal cost.

  • Provide your own Alcoholic Beverages

Check out with the caterers if there a provision for providing own Alcoholic Beverages for a wedding. Alcohol is the most expensive item in the wedding feast and Caterers charge heavily for this.

  • A final word of advice

Perfect planning and resources are must for a wedding. A good wedding planner is well equipped with local resources and knowledgeable experience. The best wedding planner knows perfectly how to plan a wedding in the prescribed budget. So hire the best wedding planner and capitalize his experience to make your day memorable