Best and useful Makeup Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

Written by Urabana Weddings

Every girl deserves to look beautiful and especially a newly wed. A newly wed couple remains in highlight in the circle of family and friends, and meet & greet series continue for weeks. A newlywed needs to look pretty and beautiful since she is the star of every welcoming meet and greets.

Urbana Wedding wishes a wonderful married life to all the newlyweds and shares very useful makeup items which are perfect for gifting every newlywed bride.

Face Makeup Brushes Set

There are around twelve to fifteen kinds of makeup brushes that are used in makeup application. The finish of makeup depends upon the quality of makeup brushes and proper application. Good quality brushes with soft bristles and angled edges are perfect to apply makeup, eye shadow, blusher, and lip color. Every newlywed loves to apply makeup to look beautiful, so face makeup brushes set is perfect for every girl.

Makeup Bag

A makeup bag with the utility is a great gift option since it is an essential and useful item to keep cosmetically sorted and managed. A newlywed couple prefers short romantic travels to spend time with each other and makeup bag is very useful for carrying cosmetics in travel.

Night Care Kit

Routine after marriage is hectic due to travel and parties, skin needs proper care and mechanism. Night time is the best time to get skin repaired and rejuvenated. Meet and greet formalities after the wedding is on the rise and newlywed needs to attend all this. So night care kit is the best to restore the beauty.

  • Makeup Sorter or Organizing Stand

Makeup organizer is of great utility and is of great help to keep costly makeup items sorted and organized. Makeup organizer also helps a lot to locate the makeup items with great ease. Every woman needs makeup sorter to clear the mess of cosmetic.

  • Eye Makeup Set

Eye makeup set includes Eye Shadow Pallet, Kajal, and Muscara. Every woman needs eye shadow pallet for enhancing her eyes’ beauty. A complete Eye shadow pallet is equipped with primer, all shades of colors and glitter. An Eyeliner and Kajal are used in routine to highlight the shape of eyes and mascara to give a lengthened look to the eye lashes.

Nail Art Kit

Nail art is getting trendy and is very popular among women of all ages. Gone are the days when it is performed on important occasions like engagement, wedding, and receptions; now nail art is easy and budgeted with nail art kit.

Make base kit

Face primer, foundation, and concealer are the items of makeup base kit. Every newlywed need the make base kit for adorning beautiful appearance. Primer and concealer are quite general in nature but the tone of foundation needs to be carefully chosen keeping in mind the skin tone of the person before gifting.

Lip liner and lip Color Range

Lip liner and lip color range is a beautiful makeup gift. No woman can ever say no for this beautiful gift since matching lip liner and lip colors are used beautify lips and accentuate the appearance.


Wedding gifts at special occasion like valentines day and other represents the love for the his/her partner and build a strong relationship between them.

Team of urbana weddings the one of the reputed wedding planner in bangkok wish you a happy marriage life journey.