7 valentine’s day celebration ideas

Written by Urabana Weddings

How to make a Valentine day a most Romantic Day of Life

Valentine’s Day – An Occasion to Celebrate Love

The Valentine day is the most romantic day in the life of lovers. It ignites the spark of romance and filed their hearts with love. Love is such a beautiful emotion which intensifies more and more with every expression of sharing.

        “Love is such a pleasing emotion of life which is as deep as the ocean,

as beautiful as a flower, as tender as the dew and as eternal as God.”

Expression of Love

Valentine’s Day brings beautiful moments for expressing your deep rooted love to your loved ones. The Valentine month has started and Valentine day is approaching, so, let us see How to make a Valentine day a most romantic and memorable day of life with the most romantic love expressions.

Wish a Lovely Morning with Red Roses and Valentine’s Day Card

Start your Valentine day with beautiful red roses in hands and a pleasing smile on your lips. Make your lover wakeup with the lovely morning wish by presenting beautiful roses and a tightwarm hug. Now it is time to give a lovely card to your lover.

Pamper  your lover to Relax and Rejuvenate

A bathtub filled with water and scented with rose petals will turn your Valentine’s Day into the most exotically felt romantic date. A glass of wine and some chocolates by the side of bath tub will make it more special and romantic.

Plan a Trip to Nearest Getaway

Planning a romantic one day trip to the nearest getaway is also a beautiful idea. This needs to be planned in advance since if there is a requirement of any booking, then last minute decision can give a challenge of availability. Romantic long drive and isolated moments of love are all that newlywed couples need to steal in the busy and crowded days.

Chocolate – A Star of the Day

Chocolate is always a star of the most romantic day. Make the taste of chocolates more relishing by dipping different kinds of berries and nut into liquid chocolates and freeze till setting only. Offer these handmade tasty delights to your lover with the three lovely words “I LOVE YOU” and indulge into the ultimate experience of love with chocolate and each other.

Watch a Romantic Movie Together

Watching a romantic movie together in the evening is really a great idea. It will offer the opportunity to make Valentine Eve more exciting and romantic happening with holding each other hands. Watching a movie together at home in the dim light with evening snacks is also a good idea if you want privacy.

Romantic Dinner at the favorite place

Arrange a romantic candlelight dinner at the most favorite location. This will make your lover feel more special and loved and intensify the romantic feelings. Booking for the dinner date should be done in advance to avoid any hassle on Valentine’s Day. This is the best time to present a Valentine Gift to your beloved. Handmade or customized valentine gifts will make your day more special and memorable.


Every romantic and heartfelt gesture on Valentine day becomes a lifetime lovable memory, so keep on loving and to be loved.