6 Things to Keep in Mind While Planning Wedding During Pandemic

Written by Urabana Weddings

Are you planning your Wedding during the Pandemic?


A wedding is an emotionally charged event for everyone and you spent years of planning for what it’s going to be like. But those dreams are likely to come true if you wait until 2021.

Unfortunately, the devastating impact of Covid-19 all over the world has led to many weddings being rescheduled to 2021. Couples and their families have been disappointed due to postponed wedding ceremonies.

Gradually as the year is passing by, everything is getting normalized; even the weddings. That is, weddings are being held by following proper rules and taking all precautions preventing COVID-19 spread.

With the approaching wedding season of this year, we have decided to share some valuable measures you should keep in mind for planning a wedding in this pandemic.

Continue reading to note the things you need while planning a wedding during the pandemic with your safety being the priority!


1) Postpone but Don’t Cancel



Have an open conversation with your entire team – event planners, caterer, photographers, guests and others and create a new game plan for future dates. Postpone the previous dates. All you need is to remain calm through this difficult time.


2) Give a Second Thought to Your Guest List



It may hurt to cross someone out of your guest list but it has become necessary nowadays due to the capacity limitations provided by the government.

Also, the venues are considering the size of your wedding party and taking tremendous precautions during this pandemic.

Another thing to keep in mind is to keep your guests updated about the rescheduled dates and the regulations to be followed. Set up a Communication Plan with your Guests, so that they can also make necessary adjustments according to their schedule.


3) Plan a Virtual Bridal Shower



Couples are showing disappointments on the change in plans for weddings because of the pandemic.

But hey! Online bridal shower and virtual bachelorette party is still a great option. Have fun and make your guests feel included in your celebration parties!


4) Be Creative and Live Stream Your Wedding



Couples who want to get married now can have virtual weddings; everyone online at different locations using video calling services.

Another amazing option for your wedding during the pandemic is live streaming the wedding for the guests who cannot attend. Plan a creative wedding and save your full-scale reception for 2021!


5) Have Flexibility While Planning


During such crucial times, it would be very tough for you to choose a specific date or venue for your wedding. So, be flexible! Secure the caterer at priority and then get the venues and ceremony dates e-booked.


6) Take Care of the Safety Protocols



Consider the following mentioned points for a safe wedding during a pandemic:


  • Suggests your guests not to attend the wedding if any of them is sick or has experienced fever/flu symptoms up to 96 hours before the ceremony.
  • Also, the ones who travelled out of the country 14 days before the wedding should be asked to stay home.
  • Don’t forget to implement a NO TOUCH (kiss, hug, and handshake) policy.
  • Include portable hand sanitizing stations at all the entrances and exits.
  • Make sure that the restrooms are cleaned and sanitized throughout the event.
  • Pay close attention to catering. Buffets and food service stations would not be the options now.


It’s genuine to be sad while postponing your wedding. But, don’t make the pandemic stop you from planning the wedding of your dreams. Look at the bright side!

We hope you liked these tips for planning a wedding during the pandemic. Follow them to make your grand day SAFE but still SPECIAL!