New Year’s Eve Tips and Ideas

Written by Urabana Weddings

New Year’s Eve is just about the corner and it’s time for celebrating the new decade.

The new year is once again about to begin. With each New Year, we are given a chance for a fresh start. And a new start always calls for joyous celebrations. Forget all your stress and worries for the new year’s eve and party to the core, let us welcome the New Year 2020 with enthusiasm, fun and frolic.

The Event Planner soul in us has driven us to write a blog dedicated to helping you plan a New Year Party.

Enter into New Year 2020 by hosting a fun get-together. Don’t panic with the arrangements and ideas as we are sharing some simple party planning ideas below.

New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

New Year is the time when you say “Good Bye” and “Hello” to two different years at the same time. The memorable moments spent with your loved ones in the last year flashes down your memory lane; whereas, the anticipation of the forthcoming precious moments sends a chill down the spine.

Cherish both of the moments to their best and resolve into the New Year hand in hand with your friends and family.

  1. Choose a theme for the New Year Celebration

A theme for a party makes up the mood for the entire evening. Especially for a New Year’s Eve Party, selecting a theme is just the cherry on the cake. You may have a big bash or an intimate get-together, choose what makes you happy!

Here are a few concepts you can choose for New Year 2020.

  • New Year’s Eve Party at your Home – A warm and cozy get-together at your place can give you all the fun andNew Year's Eve moments a New Year Party is famous for.
  • Going all out – Rent a happening venue and host the New Year’s Eve bash at
  • a separate venue.
  • Pajama party – Hosting a Pajama Party for your family and sharing some lovable moments with them marks for an amazing way to start another year. You can also take out that dumped family photo album and recall those perfectly captured times.
  • Midnight New Year’s Eve Feast and Cocktail Party – If you are energetic and fun-loving soul, you can plan for a special dinner after a happening cocktail party. Explore all the possibilities for finalizing the menu of drinks and recipes to serve the guests.
  • Bonfire Party – The name speaks for itself. It would of course be a chilling night and a classic backyard bonfire party for the New Year’s Eve can be the perfect option for you. Go crazy with the party ideas. Have a big screen for movies.

PS. Cozy mattresses, blankets and cushions spread on the ground with the moon, fairy lights, candles and bonfire being the only source of light make up for a perfect romantic getaway.

  1. Food & drinks  

New Year's EveA new year’s eve celebration is nothing without food and drinks.  A party calls for a food menu to be decided by the host.

You may go all easy with the dishes or have rich exotic flavors.

Besides, you can ask each of the guests to get a dish by themselves. This way you can start the New Year with a variety of tastes.

You may go for small bites. You might not want to skip the New Year’s Eve Celebration and be in the kitchen the whole time. Or, have a full midnight supper as stated above in one of the steps.

Have a night to remember. Party Hard. Welcome another year with a bang and full-stomach.

  1. The Decorations

Party planning and hosting is no fun without decoration as it lets you get into the fiesta mood.

Do not overdo New Year's Evedecorations. You may choose some sparkling decorations for New Year’s Eve. It would get you into the celebratory feels.

The balloon decoration can be a perfect idea for the last night of the year to be a time to remember. Especially these days the availability of Pinterest and trendy balloons make decor easy to handle. Also, candles are always a good idea to style the look of the party area. A bunch of black, white and silver balloons can add instant drama to the party venue.

Use party props like neon masks and hats, noisemakers, confetti poppers, slogans, banners and a photo booth to add up to the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

  1. Games/Return Gifts

new year's eveNew Year Celebration calls for the fun and entertaining games to be followed with exciting gifts. This adds up to the party fervor. Try different creative games to play with your guests. Interact with them and make them indulge in the party mood. Playing games lets everyone connect.

Secondly, as a host, you should gift something to your guests in return for their precious presence at your New Year’s Eve. Not that you have to splurge a huge amount for return gifts. Just be sensible and get some useful things. You may get them a small indoor plant or anything you think might provide some value to them.

  1. The Playlist

Have a rocking playlist for the New Year’s Eve Party. A little music can always turn up the spirit. Be prepared for the new year's eveparty with your playlist. Nobody would want to come to a party with no music to dance to. Make sure the tracks in the playlist covers up everyone’s interest.

Simply put, your efforts for a happening New Year Event would be futile with no music. Not acceptable! Get your playlist ready asap!

Forget all your worries and shake your legs to the new beginnings and opportunities coming your way.

  1. Resolutions for the New Year!  

new year's eveA new year is a great opportunity for those who find difficulty in setting up goals. Each of the party members can speak out their New Year Resolutions. Or you can even host the famous “Resolution Game” where everyone writes their resolutions on a chit and puts in a box. Someone reads out the chits aloud and others judge whose resolution was it.

A fresh beginning marks for certain decisions and resolutions on part of everyone. This would boost the people to enter into the New Year with a strong-willed mind and determination.

“A New Year is like a blank book. The pen is in your hands. It is your chance again to write a beautiful story for yourself. Happy New Year!”

New Year’s Eve 2020

The New Year Eve is the best way to have that long-pending get-together with your loved ones. To manage a party successfully you simply need to have the enthusiasm and do a little work on your creativity (PS. Take note of the above points).

Urbana Weddings and Events Team is looking forward to a wonderful and busy year ahead. Our wedding and event  planning service is one of our favorite things to do. Planning a party for you makes us feel alive and our team is determined to make it happen for you.